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Q Consulting
A Software Quality Gate Company

About Q Consulting

"Q Consulting" is a group of expert in software Development Testing and Project management services in Thailand with more than 15 years of experiences in software development industry. We work for a lot of international and world leading companies together with development team in difference time zones such as USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, India and Singapore.

We have experiences in various kind of testing: Manual, Automation, Security, Migration, Performance, Stress test, End to End and Point to Point testing on various platforms, e.g. Windows, Web application, Web service, Embedded software in micro-controller and many more.

In the world of time and quality, who can faster deliver a high quality product with optimum cost will have more opportunity to be the winner.

"Q Consulting" is ready to work for you either as your night shift or parallel with you in your normal working time to speed up your project.

The most significant outsourcing software Testing advantages are:

•          Reduce your development Cost : So you can deliver your product with lower price, Fixed Cost and Flexible resource allocate .

        Reduce your development Time : So you can deliver your product faster than your competitor

•          Increase your confidence level of your Product : This is THE MOST  important for us!!!

Imagine...what if you can deliver a high quality product in time with low software maintenance cost.
How much will your customer be impressed?
How much profit will you get?

We are confident that we are one of the best partners for your business. That's why we are appreciate to support your business in order to reach your goal.


Development service

let us serve you

Quality is not only about Testing but All. We also have a smart development team to develop any software application what you want.

Offshore Service

Let us be your Testing department

You don't need to start from zero, let our no bias expert team work for you. With this service, you can fully concentrate only on pure software development.

Co-Testing Service

Let us help in any part you want

If you already have a good test team. Unfortunately, you still need more man power to test your product. We can provide our experience and effort to fulfill your need and speed up your project.

Onsite ServicE

Let us work closely with you

Outsourcing is a good solution for your flexible project. You can add/remove or change the testing effort and tester skill anytime. Also you can manage our staff directly if you want.

We offer services both for per-project and per-effort model. Please feel free to contact us to see the best solution for you.

Are you looking for Quality?

Please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.


105/282 M.4 T.Bangkrang
Moung Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand